FIY Pineapple Vinegar

Welcome to the first post of our "MAKE WEIRD STUFF" section of the blog. We actually make a lot of weird shit, but we just haven't told you about any of it yet! I actually try not to tell people about all of the weird stuff I make. I think it would scare them.

First, a little bit about this page.... If you want to know what to do with that leftover wooden pallet, or if want to know how to glitterize all the lame shit you already have, or if you are still wondering what to do with that mason jar in your kitchen, or even if you want to know how to PUT A BIRD ON IT- Go to Pinterest. This is where we make weird stuff that we actually use and that the average Joe could probably make too.

So on to FIY(Ferment It Yourself) Pineapple Vinegar. Pineapple vinegar has a sweet taste and is a great way to use up those pineapple skins that would otherwise go straight to waste. Fancy vinegars also get real expensive and most store bought varieties contains zero probiotics (except Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar). MMMmmmm pineapple and probiotics!! 

Notes: Best to use sugar. This is not to feed you, this is to feed the bacteria. Honey could also work but it took me an extra-2 weeks using honey. I think the overall flavor was better with sugar too. You can also use whatever size glass jar you have and adjust the amount of sugar.

Also, if this is your first homemade ferment- WELCOME! You will be skeptical and scared to try your creation, but it really works. The fermented fruits of your minimal labor will be delicious.


  • 1 Pineapple
  • 1/4 cup Sugar
  • Water
  • 1 Liter glass jar 
  1. Wash pineapple.
  2. Chop off pineapple's head (slice the top and bottom end off of pineapple)
  3. De-skin the rest of pineapple and save skins.
  4. Enjoy and consume meaty flesh of pineapple.
  5. Add sugar to jar and fill jar 2/3 full with water.
  6. Close jar tightly and shake until sugar has disolved.
  7. Remove lid and add pineapple skins until the water level rises and fills up the jar.
  8. Cover the jar with a cheesecloth or paper towel and rubber band. The contents of jar need to be exposed to the air to begin fermentation process, but covered to keep away flies. Set jar away from light in a cupboard for one week.
  9. After one week, remove cheesecloth. Liquid should have cloudy appearance and bacteria layer may have developed on surface. This is normal. Leave it (or remove after step 10 if you are really freaked out). Remove pineapple skins.
  10. Recover with cheesecloth and let ferment for an additional 1-2 weeks (I usually do 2 weeks). After 2 weeks, your vinegar should be ready. If you would like more of a vinegar taste, allow liquid to ferment an additional few days. Otherwise, cover it with a lid and stick it in the fridge.

Ways To Use Pineapple Vinegar:

  • Use a salad dressing with a heavy-handed sprinkle of red pepper.
  • Especially good with chopped jicama, watermelon, mango, pineapple, cucumber and then MORE red pepper, salt and hot sauce. Seriously, just do this one.
  • Put chopped jalapenos in a jar of pineapple vinegar. Leave them in the fridge overnight to create pineapple pickled jalapenos.
  • SHOTS! Take a shot of vinegar for a boost of probiotics and energy. I haven't done this, but you could if you are so inclined. 
  • Show house guests your unlabeled jar of cloudy liquid and insist they try some.
  • Add a splash to a glass of water. Then, it doesn't taste like you are drinking water. How neat is that?
  • Use however you normally use vinegar.