Drink your Deodorant!

Please don't be turned off by the title of this post. I SWEAR it's interesting stuff. I mean, who doesn't love to talk about B.O.?!  Don't get uncomfortable - just let it happen.

 Deodorant is one of those products that's not only recommended for use, but also generally necessary.  Lotion? Eh, usually you can skip it.  Body scrubs?  A luxury.  But deodorant?  If you forget to swipe those pits, you better have a backup in your purse/backpack/desk drawer/back pocket.  Ain't nobody like walking around smelling like a dumpster.

Most people who use deodorant use topical deodorant/antiperspirant combos to stave off bad B.O.  Many out there are now switching to more "natural" formulas that do not use aluminum, as commercial antiperspirants do. Though some experts claim the studies are flawed and inconclusive, research suggests that there is a link between aluminum levels in the body and breast cancer, Alzheimer's, and kidney disease.  Whether the evidence is sound or not, it's worth trying out better alternatives, because, why not?  Except for you, Tom's of Maine.  You're still the worst.

And one truly awesome alternative that blows all the other options out of the water: LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL.  Yep, the same stuff that gives plants their green glow is also Nature's internal deodorant.  And it really, REALLY works.

Mmm.  Plants.

Mmm.  Plants.

How you use it:  Drink 1-2 tablespoons of the stuff every day.  Mix it into any mild-flavored liquid of your choice.  Notice the benefits after 1-2 weeks of diligent use.

What to expect:  Here's the brand I use.  It claims it's "naturally mint flavored" - I wouldn't describe the flavor as minty.  It's a little...planty?  It's odd.  But it's not bad.  For that reason, I wouldn't recommend mixing it into coffees or strongly-flavored teas - it's best with lemon water (or maybe gin and tonics?  Hmm...).  It is DARK GREEN.  Do not let this deter you.  It won't stain your teeth, though it might stain your clothes if you're clumsy and have a tendency to spill things, as I do (I'm currently wearing green smoothie dribbles as I type*).  It's a bit pricey as far a deodorant goes - $12 for a bottle that will last you about 6-8 weeks.  

But, people - THIS. STUFF. WORKS.  I am so impressed with the results and might never bother with 
"normal" deodorant again.

So let's back up a bit and talk about my B.O.  (P.S. How great would that be for a first date topic? Add that to the reasons I'm single).

Easily the best stock photo of all time.

Easily the best stock photo of all time.

I'm not a stinky person, but I've taken precautions to avoid smelling like a real-life Pig-Pen.  I was religious about applying deodorant and perfume.  Then, about a year ago, I ran out of both simultaneously, and I stopped caring - or, I should say, started caring less. I didn't buy more perfume (ish is EXPENSIVE) and I figured I would wing it on the 'pit front.

And you know what? I smelled fine.  Not fruity or flowery albeit, but - fine.  So I didn't restock my deodorant. I embraced my natural scent. I was digging it.  I'm naturally lazy and usually running late, so eliminating two whole beauty products from my daily routine was a no-brainer.

Then things turn a quick turn for the worse. I started Crossfit.  And I got STINKY.

Like, wow.  Just...bad.  The intense workouts really brought out my natural je ne sais quoi.  I started to get really self-conscious about my stank, y'all.  I don't know if you're familiar with Crossfit, but some pretty fine men attend my box, and I can't waltz in smelling like something the dog dragged in. 

Natural deodorant wasn't too helpful, especially because I still, for the life of me, could not remember to put it on (oops).  Then I saw a post on Instagram by Fat Face Skincare, a rad little company making all-natural skincare that works (not a plug...just a fact).  They posted a photo of liquid chlorophyll, explaining that it works as an INTERNAL deodorant (among its many benefits)...say whhaaaaaa?  Now THAT was definitely the most-out there solution I'd ever heard.  I pretty much dismissed it as hippie BS, intrigued but not willing to shovel out any dolla bill$ for "deodorant" I would just pee out.

But then I smelled myself.  And I went to the store and I bought some stupid liquid chlorophyll and prayed it was not a waste of my hard-earned dollars.  Here's how it' played out:

Week 1: I didn't notice any change.  I was still RANK.  I was pouring the stuff into my morning smoothies and nightly teas.  I didn't give up.

Week 2: Slight improvement in stench.  I wasn't passing out from my own B.O. anymore, but I definitely got whiffs when I lifted my arms.  I was a work-in-progress.

Week 3: You guys/gals. This was the sweet spot.  Three weeks was all it took.  I DON'T SMELL. EVER.  I've been religiously checking my pits after each workout - nada.  I smell fresh.  It is INCREDIBLE. 

 Note: I did not wear deodorant at all during this experiment.

I am a chlorophyll convert.  This stuff is magic.  It's not hard to remember to drink, either, because I keep the bottle in the fridge right next to the water.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes!  I hope I'm not the only success story!


*ETA: Yeah, that ish stains.  Drink through a straw or learn how to not be an idiot like me.  Also: soak the stain in baking soda/water pre-wash.