Beauty Gone Wild!: by Diane Kidman

If you're into natural beauty products, this will be your new best friend. In her book Beauty Gone Wild!: Herbal Recipes for Gorgeous Skin & Hair, Diane Kidman provides natural, homemade recipes for skin and hair products–that means no chemicals or synthetic preservatives that you find in most store-bought ones. Her DIY remedies are not only better for your skin and hair, but they are also less expensive than many of the creams and lotions you can find at your local beauty supplier (and you can pronounce all of the ingredients!).

In this book you'll find everything from natural facial scrubs to homemade moisturizer to natural DIY deodorant to herbal perfumes (for both women and men). She even walks you through the best uses for various essential oils. The recipes are simple and easy to follow, and with the added benefit of healthier-looking, more radiant skin and hair, we'd say it's a win-win situation.

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