The February Food & Fitness Challenge (FFC)

It's the second month of the new year! So since everybody (probably) already abandoned their resolutions, why not make new ones now?

It's super trendy to start a new diet or do a 30-day food challenge at the start of the year.  It's a natural time to want to make changes in your life and start fresh. However, as I'm a contrarian, I'm doing a challenge this month instead!

For the (short) month of February, I am participating in my gym's Food and Fitness challenge (FFC). The rules are: 

-no gluten

-no soy

-no added sugars (even honey!)  - though stevia is allowed 

-no processed foods

-avoid funky oils (seed oils, canola oil) 

-dairy is optional

-you must exercise at least 4 times a week, but only up to 8 times (all types of exercise count!) 

-you must also drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and take a quality fish oil once a day (here's the fish oil our challenge is using) - kombucha and herbal teas count as well

As you can see, this is not a Whole30®. It's not a 21-Day Sugar Detox. It's not a Paleo challenge. It's just about making better choices for one month of your life, maybe changing your way of thinking about food beyond the 28 days. 


And of course, as we know, I'm not one to back down from a challenge. I've never participated in a strict food challenge, so I figured, why the heck not?  What better way to face my food vices head-on than to participate in a group challenge, where I'll have the support of my friends and peers?

Food challenges are not for everyone. Some people can be obsessive, counting every calorie, every macronutrient, obsessing about exercise - all of which distracts from the point of the challenge in the first place.  

I, for one, do not, and will not, count calories. The #IIFYM ("If it fits your macros") trend is just - well, I won't go on a full-blown rant. But the logic behind it is flawed. A calorie is not a calorie.  Unfortunately, donuts do not make your body feel as good as veggies, healthy fats, and good proteins.  It's a sad, tragic fact.

For the most part, I eat a healthy, balanced diet.  I follow a mostly "paleo-ish" diet for health reasons, and it makes me feel great.  However, participating in this challenge will force me to confront those vices I never truly stomped out after going paleo - sugar, namely.  I had a habit of "treating myself" every few days to a sugary treat, but that habit became a daily one I couldn't shake.  On the challenge, it's easy - I have to say no to the Sugar, or else I lose points!* Prizes are a huge motivation, aren't they?

Challenges force you to find alternative ways to treat yourself.  Skip the mocha and go shopping instead.  Or, if you're trying to save those dolla bills, go to the beach, go on a hike, take a long bath instead. Food is usually the cure, but not in all cases ;)


If you're thinking about doing a challenge yourself, here are a few tips:

1) Do it together: Having a support system Is KEY. You don't have to struggle alone! It helps to have friends or peers participaing alongside you, and who will encourage you to keep with it (and slap your hand if you're reaching for that chocolate bar stashed in your desk...). 

2) Be realistic: What does your diet look like right now?  Are you eating bread, pasta, and pastries with abandon?  Then going 100% hardcore paleo right away probably isn't the best option for you.  Be flexible and realistic with your challenge "rules" - start out slow and see what you can handle for your first challenge.  Maybe you cut out gluten, but keep legumes and grains in.  You don't want to set yourself up to fail from the outset.

3) Prepare: Set aside a few hours each weekend (or whatever day/time works for you!) to "meal prep" for the week.  In otherwords, make a ton of food in big batches, so you'll have meals at-the-ready for the entire week.  Yes, you will be eating a lot of the same foods or "leftovers."  If you plan your meals well, you can repurpose your food and reinvent your meals each day so you don't get bored.  I recommend cooking up a ton of protein (roast a whole chicken, cook up a few pounds of ground beef, etc.) and chopping up a hefty amount of veggies to have on hand all week.  You can then throw together these basics into a number of delicious and creative meals all week.  Trust me on this one - cooking every day is not only draining, it's not realistic.  Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.  Instead, come home at night, put some meat and veggies on a plate, heat it all up, and eat.  Save some for lunch the next day.  Easy peasy.

4) DON'T BE HUNGRY - FEED THE MACHINE: So this goes along with #3...don't. let. yourself. STARVE.  How can you do that when your options are limited?  Prepare your meals (am I sounding preachy now?).  Food is fuel.  Your body cannot function without it.  If you're away from home and the only food option doesn't fit your meal plan (and you don't have backup snacks), for god's sake, forget the plan.  EAT.  Sometimes, eating a donut is better than eating nothing.  {I know, I know, there are times when eating a donut is not always the right choice.  It is tragic.  I LOVE DONUTS.}

5) Have a rewards system: It's funny how, even as adults, we need a "reward" for good behavior.  So often, we resort to food as our treat - "I worked hard all week, so I will have that cupcake!" A challenge forces you to find non-food related alternatives.  No matter what, don't deprive yourself of a reward.  We all need some type of motivation - after all, we're only human.  Maybe you treat yourself once a week, or you save up and give yourself a big reward a the end of your challenge.  Whatever keeps you going.

I'll provide a progress report on my own challenge later (spoiler alert: it's going WELL).  Until then, your challenge awaits!


*Yes, our challenge is points-based. If this seems nuts to you, don't worry, there's an after-party as well.  


The Most Basic Green Juice (for Non-Basic B*tches)

It's twelve days into the New Year...How are those New Year's diets holding up? Need a cookie?  Can't stand another salad?  Already given up on the gym?

Never fear.  We've got some sweet detox drink recipes to sip on that will make you feel glorious from the inside out.  Drink a smoothie and tell yourself that cookie tastes like garbage.  And in case you're a beverage fiend (like me), here's yet another to add to your list.

This is your ultimate Basic B*tch Green Juice.  I should totally copyright that name.  It's wicked easy to throw together and is a perfect little punch of vitamins when you're not feeling your best.  Perfect timing for the start of flu season, #justsayin.  I got a brand-new juicer for Christmas and came down with a sinus infection days later, so I've been juicing like a mad-woman and reaping the bens (benefits...I'll stop.).

Of course since I live in Hollywood, everyone is alllllll about the juice.  Juice cleanses are like, so trendy.  Now, I'm not one to give up food in the name of "Detox," but I think fresh juices have a time and a place. 

My personal tips for those new to juicing:

1) Always pair juice with REAL food.  Remember, you need protein to remove toxins from the body.  Juice cannot provide you all the nutrients your body needs in day.

2) When juicing, avoid using fibrous or especially seedy fruits and veggies (bananas, avocados, strawberries, squash, to name a few)

3) Get creative!  This is a super basic recipe.  Switch out fruits/veggies for what you have on hand.

Basic Ingredients:



-romaine lettuce





How pretty is real food?

How pretty is real food?


Clean and trim all ingredients.  Don't worry about the amounts to use - just throw stuff in and juice away.  It's totally foolproof.  Save the scraps for smoothies later.

Don't like parsley?  Swap out for cilantro or mint.  In the summer, try with lime for a nice twist.  Want a sweeter juice?  Add green apple or fresh citrus (tangerines are excellent).  Drank too much last night?  Juice raw beets yo - they're great for liver detoxing. 

For an extra kick, I always add a few dashes each of turmeric and cayenne into the finished juice for more added benefits.  If you can track down fresh turmeric root, jooooce it.  Go wild and crazy, kids.



Best Post-Holiday Detox Drinks

If your holidays were anything like mine, your diet could probably use a reset button. After successfully eating my way through Italy for nine days with nothing but pizza and pasta followed by a trip through the holy land of meat and beer--Germany--my body saw very few fruits and vegetables the past few weeks.

If you're in need of a similar reset, I've included a few detox drinks/smoothies below to bring your A-game back to your mind and body after the holidays.

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