The FOMO Chronicles: Why No Plan Is Sometimes the Best Plan

On an island that boasts of amazing hiking and canyoning and kayaking and cave swimming and honey and olive and wine fairs, it’s not too far off from the truth to say that I want to do all the activities. All the time.

But I got to thinking how funny it is. How you have something so planned out in your head, the way something should be, or how you should experience something. How much you want to do and how determined you are to pack it all in.

But it rarely turns out the way you expect it to. What you experience and how you experience it.

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Casual Wednesdays in Spain: Dancing with Demons at Dijous Bo

This week was Dijous Bo (meaning “Good Thursday” in Mallorquín), one of the largest fairs of winter in Mallorca held in the town of Inca. The festivities on Wednesday night (called Dimecres Bo, or “Good Wednesday,” in Mallorquín) is the event you won’t want to miss. Here, you will see the Correfoc, or Fire Run. People dress up as demons and everyone—young and old—come out to dance with the demons well into the night. A large band of drummers set the beat of the night with dramatic music and the demons light fireworks and dance, ride bikes, and even ride around in shopping carts with a trail of fire streaming around them. 

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