Crystal Clear Waters of Cala Sant Vicenç

Less than five miles away from my new apartment in Pollença is Cala Sant Vicenç, a small town consisting of three beautiful, calm beaches and white boutique resorts set on the surrounding cliffs. The water is crystal clear blue and the beaches are tucked away in small, protected coves (cala translated means cove).

While the reef doesn't vary too much, it can make for some fun snorkeling since there are some small fish, and the bay makes for a good swim with the water being as calm (and clear) as a pool. I swam out a ways and lay on my back, the sun beating down on me. It was nice, just laying out there in the sea, letting everything go in the sunshine. All the colors at San Vincenç are so vibrant, it's a good place to get back to center, to remind yourself to breathe. To take it all in, smile, and let it all get washed away by the water.

October is at the end of tourist season in Mallorca and I went midday on a Thursday, so there were not too many people. It turned out to be a quiet spot to read and lay in the sun and snack on some dates. As it got to around 4pm, after everyone got off of work, the beach got a bit more crowded but everyone cleared out pretty much by 6:30pm as the sun was setting.

While you can't see the sunset from the beach, it's a beautiful spot to sit as the shade comes over the water and the cliffs on either side of the bay are lit up in that setting-sun golden orange. Everything was quiet and there was hardly anyone on the beach.

Every once in a while you need to find your happy place and reset. Recharge. After a few weeks of being on the go from traveling, it was refreshing to get back to the ocean, to swim, and to refuel with some mellow "me" time. Sometimes something as simple as a swim in the ocean, reading in the sunshine, or making tea and sitting in the tub can reboot you for a whole week.

Take some time today or in the next few days to recharge. Find your happy place - your favorite beach, a great trail, the hammock in the backyard - and take some time for you. Breathe, smile, and let it all go.