To Colorado


I took a girls trip to Colorado, and let me tell you… “That John Denver’s full of sh*t, man!” But seriously, we went west to visit our favorite land-locked lifeguard in Denver with one mission: KICK IT’S A$$, SEA BASS. The Dumb and Dumber quotes are just too easy and had a heavy presence during adventure time.

Aviary Photo_130601524825160010.png

We landed and it was go time. It went a little like this- Haunted Houses on lattes on fall foliage on living room forts on parks on Halloween decorating on elk on coffee on hikes on hot springs on picnics.  

On my second favorite day, we went to Rockies… and saw elk, which happens to be the largest mega fauna I have ever seen in the wild!

Then on my favorite day, our only goal was hot springs. We took a three hour road trip through the mountains, basked in the Strawberry Fields Natural Hot Springs, and picnicked by a stream in Steamboat Springs.

While the hot springs were great, I’ve also been to other GREAT hot springs. That alone was not enough to make it the BEST day of our trip. Imagine the all-day driving adventure (6+ hours in the car) with your girlfriends; the conversation never stops, song lyrics are never right or in tune, and you even finish each other’s… Sandwiches! (Another not so subtle movie quote).

So my favorite part goes tooooooooo… spending time, the WHOLE time, with good people.  

Love these Goons!