From Island Girl to City Girl: The Art of Going Outside My Comfort Zone

Every once in a while, I think it’s beneficial to throw ourselves into something that is so out-of-the-ordinary for us. To push ourselves, to do something that scares us (obviously within reason). Because the thing is, it’s always at the edge of our comfort zone that we begin to define, to mold ourselves into who we are. How would we ever grow if we stuck with what we were comfortable with? 

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New Year, New Post!

That's right, back at it! The holidays really got in the way of important things  like this here blog. No more!

Now that a new year has begun (when? How? Where does time go?), time to stop for a little reflection. Kristine wrote a lovely and inspiring post that you should definitely read if you haven't already, and if you have, read it again. She drops truth bombs left and right. 

I'm going to be honest: 2014 was not a good year.  I'm not saying it was entirely awful - good times were had, laughs were laughed, new adventures were abundant. But mentally, phew, it was a rough one.  It was a year of disappointments, regrets, isolation, self-doubt, tears (and I'm not a cryer).  I wasn't depressed - I didn't let myself fall entirely. But I found myself gritting my teeth and putting my head down just to get through each day. That's no way to live. 


To sum it up: I let the world get the best of me, and that was my own  fault.  

Yep. MY fault. Because not once during those moments of desperation or self-questioning did I ever stand up and make a change. I never once took a risk. Instead, I let myself fall further down the hole rather than stand up, pull myself together like a grown-ass woman, and step confidently out of my comfort zone.  

If there's one thing 2014 taught me, it's that there's never a "right" - a right time, place, thing to say, way to do things, name it. I was always waiting for the "right" thing or the "right" time or was doing what everyone told me was "right." How silly is that? That's a lot of time wasted spent worrying about something that doesn't even exist. 

Coffee mugs should always be a reflection of your core beliefs.

Coffee mugs should always be a reflection of your core beliefs.

So, my mantra for 2015 and beyond is (drumroll please): there is no right. So if you're worrying about taking the right job, or saving up just the right amount of money for that trip, or saying just the right thing to make that guy like you, whatever it is...guess what? You're wasting time. And there ain't time to waste, because life is short. 

It's only two weeks into the new year, and this state of mind is already working out pretty darn well for me. I feel good about my decisions because you know what? They're always "right."  I'm not wasting time worrying or feeling sad or wondering "What if?" I'm just doing. Because when you follow your gut, you take action, and that's empowering. 

I'll talk more on setting specific "goals" later, but for now, happy 2015. Trust yourself, be mindful, do cool shit when you feel like it, and stop and smell the roses (or ocean) every once in a while. Life will love you for it.