Welcome to The Toasty Avocados! We’re a multi-contributor lifestyle blog that focuses on living a healthy and happy life. We believe that wellness is cultivated through a combination of both mind and body which is why we’ve created a community that promotes wellness through the foods we eat, the products we use, and the adventures we take. Here, you’ll find wholesome recipes, natural DIY projects, and traveling tips and ideas that aim to guide you towards becoming the happiest, most healthful, and most vibrant person you can be.

Our Story

It all began with four girls one summer during the peak of our quarter-life crises. Over countless avocado toast breakfasts, a lot of time spent at the beach, and probably a few too many tequila shots, we realized we weren’t the only girls in our mid-twenties trying to navigate the Great Question of what-the-hell-do-I-do-with-my-life.

So we decided to start a blog.

While we may not have a clue what we want to do with our lives just yet, we do know that cacao nibs in smoothies are pretty damn nice and that going skydiving in cow onesies makes for a fairly awesome story. We think it’s normal to ask how big your Mother Scoby is getting and that we may very well suck at slacklining for the rest of our lives but we get to be in the sunshine and that’s good enough.

We know that a Sunday spent drinking wine and laughing your ass off on a sailboat with your best girlfriends until the stars come out and you have to somehow find your way back to the harbor will be a memory that sticks with you for the rest of your life.

We like to ride tandem bikes and lay in hammocks. We make enough kale salads on a weekly basis to borderline being unhealthy. We like headstands and sombreros. We don’t understand the dating game but know you come with homemade chocolate truffles and go on long runs with your girlfriends when things don’t go as planned. We know that coconut water is so cliché but think it’s delicious anyways. We make our own hot sauce and think yoga is best with sandy feet.

In recent years we have found ourselves traveling and living in various parts of the globe – from the California coast to Ecuador to a Spanish island – but we have three unbreakable connections that join us together no matter how far apart we are: eating good food, making weird stuff, and doing cool shit.

So while we’re trying to figure out all the big-life question stuff, we figured we might as well stop to smell the flowers, or the coconut incense, along the way.

We want to share with you our adventures (and misadventures), cooking victories and mishaps, the how-did-I-live-without-this Pinterest projects and failures. We want to share the glorious saga of our mid twenties with you and hope that you enjoy it!